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Théâtre des Hirondelles

For the second year in a row, I’ve been asked to shoot the promotional campaign for Le Théâtre des Hirondelles. On the site, each comedian has a rollover image that once clicked, leads to another portrait to show their personal … Continuer la lecture

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Bringing Skate photography to another level

Ian Ruhter: Capturing Motion on Wetplate from What the Fleet on Vimeo.

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StarStruck: Josh Brolin

Photo Mark Seliger Here’s a new feature called StarStruck. There are people in this world I would die to shoot, people who’s charisma I would like to capture. Weather they are actors, artists or performers, they have this little something … Continuer la lecture

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Office Work

I’ve worked in an office for 5 years doing customer service. If there is one place for me that doesn’t scream creativity, it’s a cubicle!

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Inspiration: David Zimmerman

Here is « Gulf Coast » a series of portraits of people impacted from the BP oil spill from photographer David Zimmerman. I love this series of large scale portraits, but more the process that leads to it. It takes commitment to … Continuer la lecture

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Made of Stills extravaganza

Last evening, the boys over at Made of Stills did something grand. We all went out incognito to get our portrait taken. Officially, it was to commemorate our Movember mustaches. Over the last month, we all grew incredibly gruesome mustaches … Continuer la lecture

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Lighting personality

It’s been a while that I’ve shot dark, really dark. Lately, I’m in the light part of the spectrum. It’s different, but I really like shooting light, playing with luminescence and more subtle shifts in light. I guess shooting light … Continuer la lecture

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Sit back and relax

6 Hour Plane Trip 4 Hour Drive From Airport 5 Minutes after Checking in 1 Minute from the Beach Sometimes, life can be so simple…

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