When sky is the limit

Here is a shoot by photographer Kelly Kline. The idea is to capture the perfect moment when the guy gets hit by the boxing glove. This is a tough moment to capture so she decided to setup 4 Canon 1Ds MarkIV and 4 complete profoto light setups. At first I thought this was to create some crazy motion trick as the video advertized 40fps. But no, the only purpose is to maximize the opportunity of catching the perfect moment.

In my opinion, this looks more like chain work than artistry, more of a technician’s job. If the intended use for this image is a book cover, you don’t need all the megapixels. If you are looking to freeze up the image, you’d be better off with a 4K Red Camera with one continuous light setup that you really perfect. Then hit the guy all you want, you’ll have 120fps to choose from! More than enough resolution for that book cover and probably less expansive than to rent all that gear and browsing throughout the shoot. Of course, it looks very geeky, but pretty unnecessary in my opinion. A camera is a tool, weather DLSR or highspeed video like the Red. If you are looking for a specific performance, might as well get the tool that does it for real rather than looking for a way to boost up your geek street cred!

No matter, this is a pretty impressive setup and I’m sure she’s got the shot!

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