Money Talk

Photographers are almost always talking about money… most of the times reluctantly I suppose. It becomes an obsessive subject.

On one side you deal with clients, agencies to get the best rate for our services. You then turn around and negotiate rates with collaborators given the budgets you were able to pull off. You’re exposed to both sides of the dealing and bargaining coin and have to retain control over production costs to ensure the respect of budgets because otherwise, most of the time, you get to pick up the check! And when money isn’t related to a job, you have to manage your studio, do your taxes and then, only then can you think of investing back into your business.

Having an agent or producer can help you take off the edge on some parts of the process, but nevertheless, money is always part of the equation. And as much as you like to invest your time in the creative process, money handling is an important part of what makes your business thrive. One not to neglect.

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