Here is my favorite visual of the whole series! This shot was such a puzzle! We spent a full day shooting the BBQ in various light conditions to replicate the warmth coming from the charcoal and made sure we could « light » it in post. It was shot in different parts so we could resize it and and customize it. Then we shot the typography and had everything integrated by VisualBox. The day of the following shoot, we had a strong maquette to work with and could align food with matching light. We shot several plate options and the composition changed a couple of times before we got to the final version. Once the food was shot and integrated, we had another day planned for shooting beer and wine. Every step of the way, we would perfect the mockup and be sure the newest elements could be integrated smoothly. This visual was by far the most complicated of the series.

Once again, an incredible group effort starting with art directors Jany Lemaire and Silvan Reste from SidLee, prop stylist Caroline Simon, food stylist Heidi Bronstein, beer stylist Etienne Proulx, Nik Mirus and Riki Tinoza for helping me on the shoot, Sebastien Boyer and Eloi for all the production work and last but not least the boys of VisualBox, Lucas and Gabriel, for their incredible work putting it all together.

We had an all-star team and were in peek conditions to make these ideas happen. Can’t help but being proud from the results!

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