Die Trends Die!

If I see just one more Sleeve-Facing image, I’m gonna go blind! In these times of instant gratification, instant trends come and go at a scary rate! As fast as they pop up on all and every blog imaginable, they become yesterday’s news with all possible emulation being produced faster than they can put together your favorite burger! Fast food photography! No research, no personal process, just a gimmick. Sorry if I sound a bit cynical, but lately, I’ve seen so much of the same thing hopping from blog to blog that the world wide web seems rather narrow!

All creations come from an inspiration and I’m not any different, but systematically applying a photographic recipe to get a preconceived result isn’t what I consider being creative. The originator of the first image or series is truly original, but the copies of copies that follow through just make his star fade into darkness and completely voids his originality as you can’t tell them apart once the web his flooded with the imitations. Here, I’m thinking of the « miniature » look that came out about a year ago as a photographer (I’m not even sure who anymore) used shallow depth of field and a strong focal point to emulate the feel of scale model photography and applied it to architecture and big events. Once the style picked up a few prizes in a bunch of photography annual publications, emulators planned a little field trip to get their own versions out and the rest is history.

Same goes with the HDR look that Photomatix made cool. Fans of Jim Fiscus and Dave Hill who don’t have the skills for lighting or photo-retouching are now just a few sliders away from that cartoonish look they like so much. Why not crank it up to make it really obvious. The concept behind HDR is too sandwich different bracketed exposures together to maintain dynamic range within the image so you keep details in both highlights and shadows in scenes that can not be captured in a single shot. Well, Photomatix allows you to create a pseudo-HDR rendition with a single capture. And along the way has added a Tone Mapping feature that tweaks the colors automatically so you don’t even have to think about it! Some people have compared my work to this but my technique is different and can not be applied with mere sliders! And I don’t believe Fiscus, Hill or all the other photographers that add a little illustrative twist to their photography got where they are without exploration and technique.

Well, that’s enough rage for a week! Now let me pick up the new Communication Arts Photography Annual to see what we have in store for 2009!

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  1. Anonymous dit :

    give me an example Simon. I don’t know what this « Sleeve-Facing » image is.

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