Waiting for the perfect light

Man, I have such an admiration for nature photographers. I started out only shooting nature, being a fan of Outdoor Photographer magazine, avidly reading everymonth the late Galen Rowell column. Then I learned what photographers call Happy Hour and did my first tests shooting Fuji Velvia50! Shooting good landscape photography is not only about good composition, a lot of it has to do with timing. Now with digital capture, it’s easy to take several exposures and sandwich them or simply use a hdr to maximize the lighting range. But one thing will never change, you need good lighting to start with. So you need to be patient and wait for the proper conditions. Well here, it’s been raining over the last few weeks. We’re finally getting some cloudless sun but my deadline is pretty close. So I did a first run, looking for the proper location to shoot a Montreal cityscape. I shot at dusk a series of images. I like the results for the sky, but not so much for the buildings as they are mostly back-lit. So I plan on going back at dawn because the sun will go up behind me, hence in front of the buildings and I should be getting awesome lighting and the sky should still be fairly dark. This means I need to wake up bright and early!
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