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I first heard about Alix & Gagné through Jerome Guibord who had some prints made by them. Then, for some reason, their name started to pop up every now en then! Recently at the Lux, I noticed that several photographers had went to them for prints with amazing results, so I was intrigued. I don’t need prints so often, usually I get things done with my Espon R1800, which is perfect for small proofs. But I would like to have new prints done soon as I am planning to rebuilt my portfolio book for upcoming meetings. So I went to their office to check out their sweet Epson R9600 and 9800 and talk to Denis who was handling the print work. Pretty impressed with their current and past clients! I now need to get my act together and edit the work I want to show… this is always the hard part.
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  1. Maxyme G. Delisle dit :

    I haven't been to Alix & Gagné, though like you I've heard their name ici et là.

    My lastest discovery in the printing industry (if you love good paper) is photosynthèse on the gaspé.

    Their space is nice, and they usually have small exhibition going on. Worth a small visit if you ask me ;)

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