Nik’s new Identity

Design by Sébastien Leblanc from Ashes to Dust.

During the past month, I spent a lot of time with Nik planning his show. It’s hard to imagine the amount of work it takes to setup an event like this. I guess the first step is to find and book the proper gallery for the show. Then you have some kind of time frame to work with and that’s where the real fun begins. The first thing we sought out to do was to give this show its own visual identity. To do so, we went to Sébastien Leblanc from Ashes to Dust.

We had a first meeting, he got to talk to Nik to get to know him better and discuss what he was looking for. Sébastien then took off with a few inspiring samples and a good idea of what he wanted to do. First of, Nik has a cool name to design. Not only does Nik Mirus sound real well, but it has a « K » and the fact that he doesn’t write it with a « C » makes it interesting graphically. So Seb came out with variant concepts and through a series of discussions with Nik, the design above was selected. I believe it represents Nik and his work in many ways. Like his pictures, his signature is « square », stable, meticulously alligned, like Nik’s composition. But the use of italic creates an upset, just like how he poses his models. It’s strong and bold.

Once the Logo was done, Nik needed a Signature for the show. This signature could later be used to promote the show on Flyers, Email Promotions, etc… Again it needed to represent Nik and most importantly, the body of work he was putting up. Nik already had a title: People and Quiet Spaces. I believe this was the only deisgn he made for it and we all liked it from the getgo! I like how the « People » and the « Spaces » use most of the visual space. I also like how Sébastien used the space around it to put all the technical details, forming a big block of information.

So now that we had the visuals of the show, we started to promote it. We created a Facebook Event to start from the ground up using our contacts. The next step was to forward it to blogs, both local and international, and a couple of them already published the news. Now it’s time to approach the local art community and make sure that art critics from cultural papers are also invited to the show.

So now that the promotion machine is on, Nik can focus on the show. The print size has been established and print tests are currently conducted. The room’s final disposition has also been discussed and should be approved shortly. A bit less than two weeks to go, it’s getting exciting!

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