The books are in!

Two of the books I ordered just came in! I jumped on the Erwin Olaf and before I knew it, I was in front of the tv, checking out the DVD that came with it! Five short movies are featured with the same awesome lighting. You can feel the same tension in these dramatic scenes from Grief, Rain, Le dernier Cri, Annoying and Wet. The sets are exquisitely designed in this old fashion stylized look, both retro and modern. There are tons of textures everywhere and the models are perfectly casted for their roles. Again, a great source of inspiration.

Then I got the Gregory Crewdson book… I kind of feel guilty because it is still in its plastic wrapper! I’m keeping it for today! I need to sit down and gaze at this one! But there’s more text involved and I really want to get through it. But it’s too huge to be a bed time book!

As much as I like going to libraries to pick up books, the price difference with Amazon is way too important sometimes. I usually shop the books at the library, browsing through them, then order online. It sucks, but sometimes I can get two books for the price of one… and it’s so hard to put your hands on used photography books. They really are objects of desire!

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